Virtual PBX review

The Virtual PBX system is the business solution for customer service. The Virtual PBX provides an unlimited incoming and outgoing telephone lines.  Virtual PBX saves you money by eliminating the need for an operator to answer the phones and route them. Virtual PBX is perfect to use for telecommuting. You can make VOIP calls using the Virtual PBX system, that keeps your phone lines open and helps you stay connected to the world.

If you have a business and a number of employees, the Virtual PBX is necessary for you to have a sophisticated phone system without spending a lot of money. One telephone line turns into many. There will no longer be any need for someone to transfer phone calls to an extension line as the Virtual PBX will do the task of a telephone operator. As you expand your business, there are an unlimited number of extensions that you can add. Using Virtual PBX saves you on expenses, including that of long-distance and overseas calls, and can help you be prepared for the future when your business booms and you hire more people.

The switchboard operator system has been the same for a hundred years. There are large and expensive PABX systems used as the phone system solution of conglomerates and top corporations. With Virtual PBX, you get the same kind of phone system plus a whole lot more of high-tech innovations that make the old phone system totally obsolete.

No software or hardware that you need to install or maintain. It only takes a few minutes to set up your Virtual PBX. The cost of the Virtual PBX is very low. For 5 extensions, you get a free toll-free or local number, with all the basic features for only $10 a month. Additional options will cost more, of course, but they still are very inexpensive. Here is the awesome list of features that you can get for FREE when you set up your Virtual PBX:

Auto-Attendant (virtual receptionist)
Custom greetings everywhere
Dial-by-name directory
Virtual fax (receive and forward)
Follow-me calling
Call recording
Music-on-hold jukebox
Information-on hold
Voicemail with web and email delivery
Personal greetings
Never full mailboxes
Phone, email and pager notifications
No busy signals
Web-based system management
Virtual calling card
Day and night mode
Information-only extensions
Greeting Manager
Real-time monitoring and reporting
Supervised call transfers
Call preview detail
Voicemail interrupt
Multi-business support
Unique greeting for each phone number
Custom ring-to locations
Call blocking
Custom ring durations for every phone
Multi-stage Dialing
Mission-critical fault tolerance
Comprehensive data security
TrueACD Queues

People who have a large family, those who have rental apartments, or even individual and couples who want to use the fantastic features of Virtual PBX can choose a plan today. As the business phone solution, you get more that you imagined possible with Virtual PBX, that is on-call to service your every need and provides your with optional upgrades and VOIP.

Virtual PBX reviewsThe Virtual PBX is for anyone that wants to stay connected while spending less.  Be virtually connected by using the high-tech Virtual PBX system.

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