inkInk gets used up fast, especially if you are printing photos, color documents and standard black and white documents. It almost seems as though just printing a few pictures and a few spread sheets in color can drain your color ink cartridge in a matter of a few days. Shopping your local retail outlets and office super stores can get expensive if you happen to need ink during a time that they aren’t running a sale, and if you run a business that requires fliers or documents you don’t always have the time to wait around for your ink to go on sale.

Lots of people have more than one computer now as well – maybe one for business, one for personal use and one for the kids to do their school work on – this might mean multiple printers as well. In a house with multiple printers that don’t take the same ink cartridges, your costs and frustrations can go up even further if two printers run out of ink at a similar time and no one is running a sale.

USA 4 can easily solve all of your frustrations when it comes to ink. You have access to ink cartridges that will fit all of the popular brands of printer in one location at a great price. You won’t have to worry about shopping around and wasting time and money because you’ll have access to all of the ink that you need, and they ship right to your door. Rock bottom prices on quality inks for all of your printers and free shipping on eligible orders means that you start saving lots of money right away and you will never have to deal with the hassles of shopping for printer ink again.