TV-SilencerIf you are tired of searching for the remote control to mute your TV every time that your phone rings, then you will want to get yourself the best little gadget out there for taking care of just this very problem. Now you can purchase yourself the TV-Silencer. This little gadget really helps you out when it comes to hearing those important phone calls while you are listening to your favorite show. This is something that every household can use and will find helpful.

When you are watching a movie you will want to make sure that you aren't missing those important calls. By not hearing your phone ring you can be missing out on job opportunities, social gathering invites, emergency phone calls, and many pother important types of calls. Now you won't have to miss those calls anymore., Once you have the TV-Silencer in your home you will automatically know each and every time that your phone rings because your TV will automatically mute. This means that even if you don't hear the phone you will know it is ringing by the fact that your TV will go mute.

By having the TV-Silencer in your home you will also be able to stop searching around for the remote control to hear what is being said on the phone call. It can be annoying to answer the phone when you are watching a movie and not be able to hear who it is on the other line until you find the remote control. This is one more great thing about the TV-Silencer, it allows you to be able to hear every thing that is going on without the need for the remote control. The TV will mute completely down to no sound with every phone call that you get, this takes care of two areas; no more missed calls and you will be able to hear those calls nice and loud with no background TV sounds.

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