The Weight is Over with TrekDeck. People who work can workout at the same time. The TrekDeck is probably the most fantastic piece of office furniture ever invented as you can walk a mile easily while doing your work.

Walk Your Way To Health

Ever wish you could workout more often? Most of us spend a lot of time in the office and even in our own home office, we get too busy to take a walk.

Now, with TrekDeck, there is a way exercise while you are working.

Make the most of your time.

Be a multi-tasker.

Talk on the phone while working out.

Stamp files and correct papers while talking a walk.

Use the computer to watch videos while on the treadmill.

Have an awesome work station.

One way to lose weight is to do activities while standing instead of sitting down. And with the TrekDeck, you can level this up as it helps prevent the common problems that occur from sitting down for an extended period of time like leg cramps, lower back pains, and weight gain.

Plus, if you do the recommended 3 hours a day, it is equivalent to the 10,000 steps that the Surgeon General recommends. Of course, you have the choice to run on the treadmill if you want to get more out it.

TrekDeck Features

- Office gray table made from premium, powder coated steel
- Has a scratch-resistant work surface
- Has a resilient steel reinforced LDPE desktop
- The support base, hardware and accessories are gray/silver
- Folds up for easy storage
- With adjustable desk height settings
- A manuscript holder
- A file folder with 3 levels
- A top stand for a telephone, headset, or cell phone
- Two (2) cup/utility holders
- Treadmill controls

TrekDeck Information

72" x 34"
2 height adjustable support legs are fixed in position 49" apart
Adjust to height for use of people who are from 5'4" to 6'4" tall
Take an hour or less to assemble

When you want to take a walk but are stuck in the office or want to multi-task to the max, use the TrekDeck for a 'no sweat' workout.