the crystal companyNothing says elegance like crystal and you simply can find a better selection of high quality crystal pieces than you can at The Crystal Company. If you want to give the most perfect wedding, anniversary, birthday or retirement gift you can’t go wrong with a piece of fine crystal.

The Crystal Company has the most beautiful vases, bowls, frames, clocks and candle holders from the world’s most respected and well known manufacturers – you’ll find selections from Lenox, Waterford, Vera Wang, Marquis and Gorham – and the giftware is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can find the widest and most incredible selection of crystal stemware from The Crystal Company including gorgeous Reidel wine glasses and decanters, beautiful collections of goblets, flutes and goblets from Dansk and some of the most wonderful classic crystal stemware creations from Waterford and Lenox.

Want to upgrade the quality of light in your home? The Crystal Company can certainly help you do that with some of the most amazing crystal chandeliers by Waterford. Try all you want, you likely won’t find a more bold or brilliant statement in lighting than you will in the unmatchable craftsmanship and unparalleled beauty of a Waterford crystal chandelier. Waterford crystal from The Crystal Company also helps to make your holidays brighter with incredible Christmas bells, stemware and serving trays.

The Crystal Company makes it easier to bring some of the finer things in life into your home, with the most extensive selection of high quality crystal from the top producers in the world available at reasonable prices and with free shipping on orders over $75. For the highest quality in giftware, stemware and dinnerware pay The Crystal Company a visit.

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