Suntouch Radiant Heat KitsImagine what it feels like on extra cold days and nights, especially during winter. Your floors are like ice and stepping on them with bare feet, most of all in tiled places like the kitchen, is not just uncomfortable. It's downright cold! You need ample heating in your home to ward off the cold climate and not just in the air. You need heating on your floors as well. Look no further. Get Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits to solve your problem.

Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits are easy-to-install. The kits include a special kind of matting braided with a single-powered wire forming an S-pattern for even heating throughout the covered area. The specially-designed mats can be cut smaller into any size or shape to your floor specification without any damage to the wire connection. Kits for an 80-square foot or less floor area has one mat inside, while a 90-square foot floor area will have two mats inside. Use Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits in your kitchens and bathrooms, or in any area of the house where you have tiles, stones, and/or marble as flooring. Companies can also use Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits in their offices to keep their employees and visitors warm during cold days. Walking on floors installed with Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits feels like you are walking barefoot on the beach. It is that effective! There is also no need to walk around your house in socks since you or anyone in the family could slip and fall. The use of Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits is important especially when there are children and senior members around, or even for those who have difficulty walking around the house. For optimum use and protection, follow the simple instructions on the manual enclosed in each of the Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits.

Experience the newest heating system with Suntouch Radiant Heat Kits which will give you high performance results -- high temperature with low-energy usage, equal heating ability, strong resistance against corrosion and abrasion, and a price within your budget.

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