Stamps.comImagine this. On your birthday, you receive a large birthday card from a friend or family member. You are thrilled that this person remembered to greet you. Then you look at the envelope and surprise, that person's picture is on the postage stamp! If you are planning to get married, would it not be a great idea to mail out your wedding invitations with you and your spouse-to-be on the stamps? If you just had a baby, send out christening invitations with your cute baby's photo as the postage stamp. And, if you have a business, what would be a more effective marketing tool than to send out all your business correspondence with your company logo on the stamp? Yes, all these are already possible -- you can now have personalized photo stamps made to order and they are valid U.S. Postage. Your friends are going to be blown away by this because it is unlike the usual personalized stuff like personal photos on mouse pads, mugs, shirts, holiday cards, and similar items. At, you will be able to customize real stamps which you can use to mail out letters, cards and parcels.

Creating your personal stamp is really easy at All you have to do is upload your chosen photo to their site, use their customization interface to further enhance the photo, then place your order. With their easy-to-use interface, you can zoom, move and rotate the image as well as choose from one of 10 border colors to suit the photo. These can be made to order for you in fourteen different postage denominations. You choose the denomination/s you want to order depending on your mailing needs.

Visit now and and order your personalized photo stamps. Your friends and family will love to get their mail when they see the photo stamps that you have attached to the outside of your envelope.

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