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You might have experienced it one time or another, as 8 out of 10 people do - that sitting down hurts your back. The long hours at the desk or in front of a computer may create a neck strain that lingers. The pressure at the bottom of the spine is one of the reasons why you can get back pain.

A new study has reported that a recline in a chair can help to prevent and alleviate back pain. The pressure is greatly decrease, the curvature of the spine is given the ease it deserves, and with the comfort, productivity is increase.

According to a Chicago Tribune article, "Sitting all day is the worst thing in the world you can do for your back, " said Dr. Joel Press, the medical director of the Spine & Sports Institute at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

The article and many similar ones recommend sitting positions and provides a few tips on how to sit. There are exercises to be done and one has to take breaks and walk around. The easiest solution to this health concern is to get the right kinds of chairs to sit on.

Sitting on an office chair can be a lounging experience. More than just office chairs for work, massage chairs may become the best seat in the place for you. Maybe you might be interest in a Zero Gravity recliner? These kind of chairs are the innovative designs that you may appreciate at this furniture store.

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