PeopleFinders.comOver the course of the years, you have probably lost touch with many people who have been part of your life. These could be classmates from school, friends and family who have moved elsewhere, or former work colleagues. Sometimes you want to reconnect with them but are unable to do so as their contact information has changed or because of marriage, their family names are no longer the same. In other situations, despite trying to lead private lives, you could be confronted with situations that break your shell of privacy. It could be strange calls in the middle of the night from unfamiliar phone numbers. It could be someone trying to stalk you or a loved one.  It could also be that you need more information on certain individuals for your business or work. Not all such information is easy to obtain. This is when you need

When you visit the site, you will have the chance to choose from a range of services that they offer. Their Comprehensive Background Check provides you with in-depth information on the individual you want a report on which covers personal and credit information (including bankruptcies), properties owned, possible relatives, aliases and other names. Social Profile provides you a single place where you can see the profile and interests of the individual. Here you can glimpse the tweets, blog posts, photos, videos, music, interests that the individual disclosed in his social networking sites. Criminal Records option discloses the nature and location of crimes committed, whether it was a felony or misdemeanor, and for sexual offenders, the level of risk. They have other services like Business Ownership, Vehicle Reports, Public Records and even Reverse Phone Look-Up.

See how easy it is using to reconnect with people, find information on potential employees otherwise not readily available, and search criminal and public records of potential associates. This service is available in the United States.

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