Page Brite Book Light MagnifierDo you like to read in bed before retiring for the night but afraid that your table light would disturb others? Do you experience eye strain when trying to read fine print on items like medicine tubes? Or you could be driving at night and need to read a map but find difficulty doing so in low light. Whatever the situation is, if you need something that not only magnifies the print you are trying to read while illuminating it so you could see and read better, look no further than the Page Brite Book Light Magnifier.

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Page Brite Book Light Magnifier is a full page-sized book light made of lightweight acrylic. It has an optical grade lens which magnifies print up to 3x as large so that you need not squint or strain to read. There are 4 powerful LED directional bulbs that can be turned on and off: 2 on top and 2 below that light up the entire area of the screen. These bulbs stay cool despite long hours of use and can last over 5,000 hours. Imagine the enjoyment you will have being able to read in bed even while your spouse sleeps without worrying about waking him/her up. You need not read in dim light anymore, causing eye strain. A handy clip allows you to attach the Page Brite Book Light Magnifier to the top of the page so you can read leisurely and hands-free. It also acts as a bookmark to mark where you left off reading. When you order the Page Brite Book Light Magnifier, you also get one Mini Page Brite, a tiny version that you can use to read labels of cans in grocery stores and fine print on medicine bottles.

Make reading a whole lot easier with the Page Brite Book Light Magnifier and the Mini Page Brite.

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