Clean your office or home desk and get rid of all those receipts and cards that not only clutter your table but also easily get lost or misplaced. You can now do this easily with Neat Desk Organizer, a high-speed duplex scanner and digital filing system. Neat Desk Organizer gives you both a portable and mobile way to scan business cards, receipts, and many more kinds of information. Transform those piles of documents in a jiffy into digital files that get the information off your cluttered desk and into your computer.

Unsightly and cluttered desks are not only eye sores but they actually reduce one’s productivity. Imagine the stacks of documents you have to sift through when looking for a particular receipt. And if you are one who gets a lot of business cards, just think of rifling through these trying to find a particular vendor or supplier. Too much paper can be stressful and a major time waster.

Here comes Neat Desk Organizer. Its portable version is the NeatDesk while its mobile version is the NeatReceipts. NeatDesk is an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) for your desk; NeatReceipts is the mobile version that is USB-powered and can operate from your laptop while you are in a car, train or even a plane. Both versions work as a scanner and organizer in one.

With the patented NeatWorks software, key information can be scanned in so that you need not keep documents in paper form. The information is searchable by keyword so it only takes a few seconds for you to locate any particular document or business card. More than just that, data can be exported into Excel, Quicken and other business software.

With Neat Desk Organizer you have your very own personal office assistant with you any time of the day or night. And you end up with a very neat desk and significantly improved productivity. Come and get your own Neat Desk Organizer now!