Turn old photographs, slides, films, and videos into digital with iMemories. Once they are digitized, you can upload, organize, and share them. Those faded photos that you treasure, the slides that you haven't watched for years, the film reel in the closet, and those videos from the past that are so important can be yours to view, made better with technology, when you use iMemories.

iMemories does more than simply turn these into digital. The process will include enhancement. Those hazy films will look great and the faded images revived. You will have the clarity provided by today's technology when you use iMemories. You also have the option to edit it before you share it across multiple platforms such as web-connected TVs, mobile phones, computers, or your iPad. What you have digitalized will can be viewed from an online site which enables you to allow only those who you want to access to watch it.

iMemories was chosen as one of the Top 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2009. Since then, they have added more features to their online service. Partnered with such companies such as Kodak, you have the quality assurance and the reliability of a professional service that does more for you than any other similar online company.

Why not take a tour of iMemories to see what your options are and how to get started? You might be delighted to find out that you can convert a number of those old VHS tapes to DVD for as low as $9.99. You can keep those images and films to make them last, pass them down to your children, finally get to see them restored, and share them to who you want to when you use iMemories.