H20 MopCleaning the floors in your home can be a real pain in the neck (and back), using an old fashioned mop and bucket requires you to mix the appropriate amount of cleaner with water, then you need to repeatedly dip and wring out the mop. All of that re-dipping into the bucket of water ultimately leads to you putting dirty water onto the floor that you are trying to clean – that’s not very sanitary and one little slip could cause your bucket to tip, resulting in a huge mess.

For those of you who want an environmentally friendly option, the detergents that are safe to use on your surfaces and that don’t harm the environment can be very expensive. If you’ve got ceramic tile, laminate and hardwood in the same house you might need to have a whole cabinet devoted to cleaners for your floors – but with H20 Mop you won’t need any of those expensive cleaners, you’ll have the one tool that can complete all of your floor cleaning jobs with no bucket, no wringing and no back breaking labor.

H20 Mop works with the water straight from your faucet to create the perfect amount of steam to clean and sanitize any floor surface in your home. You can use it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the dining room and anywhere else you’ve got hard surfaces. The H20 Mop cleans, sanitizes and kills odors without the use of any dangerous chemicals – making it the ideal way to clean for virtually any environment.

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