Gyro Bowl - Spill Proof BowlsA house can easily become messy with small kids around. Their fingers are tiny and at that awkward phase, they spill food very often, on tables, floors and just about anywhere. Older kids love to run around and chase each other. If you have kids who love to hold food while running around, you're likely to see your lawn strewn with food of all kinds. Clean-ups take a long time and it is not fun when you have to do this daily. A revolutionary design in spill-proof bowls uses the globe's design so that food never spills - the Gyro Bowl.

With the Gyro Bowl - Spill Proof Bowls, your child can hold his bowl ever which way. The inner bowl is designed so it always stays upright even if the outer handles are tilted in any direction, even turned upside down. It rotates 360 degrees just like a globe, keeping the contents of the bowl always right side up. The contents will stay in the bowl, not on your floor. Kids can even run around, chase each other while holding the bowl with food in it, and it will never spill.  The Gyro Bowl is kid-proof and totally dishwasher-safe. Even if your kid happens to drop it, it will not break or crack. Even adults will find uses for the Gyro Bowl - Spill Proof Bowls. You can use it to keep pins, buttons, sewing accessories, clips or any other non-food home or office knickknacks and never worry about it spilling out.

Give kids the freedom of engaging in any play activities they want. Whether they are sliding, skipping, running, hopping or doing any other active play, they can keep their snacks intact with them all the time with the Gyro Bowl - Spill Proof Bowls.

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