Gevalia CoffeemakerMany people are more than just coffee lovers; some people can’t even bare the thought of getting out of bed without a good cup of coffee to perk them up. For those of you that fall into this category, or for anyone who just likes a cup of coffee now and again – a quality coffeemaker is a necessity. Now you can have great coffee at a great price and get an incredible coffeemaker free with your order.

The Gevalia Coffeemaker is completely programmable and comes in either black or white to match the décor of any kitchen, and best of all it makes twelve full cups of incredible Gevelia coffee.

You can choose any two of Gevelia’s over forty fantastic varieties of coffee and with your order you’ll get the fantastic Gevelia coffeemaker – and as an even bigger bonus you’ll also get a beautiful black ceramic coffee canister to hold your wonderful new coffee and a travel mug so you can take your fresh brew on the road with you if you are running late.

It doesn’t matter what type of coffee you are a fan of – Gevelia has something, most likely several things that you’ll love to drink. Dark roasts, light roasts, espresso and a big selection of flavored blends including Irish cream and French vanilla.

Not a coffee lover yourself, but have one in your family? Get one box of one of Gevelia’s amazing coffees for the coffee drinker in the family and one box of one of their incredible teas for yourself – and you’ll still get the twelve cup, fully programmable Gevelia coffeemaker, the ceramic canister and the travel cup for free with your order. With Gevelia you’ll get great coffee at an affordable price and you’ll get the Gevelia coffeemaker for free – that’s a deal that’s hard to beat if you’re a coffee drinker.

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