Germ TerminatorDid you know that even after you've brushed your teeth and thoroughly rinsed your toothbrush, it continues to harbor germs and viruses that could potentially be harmful to your body? Even the container in which you store your toothbrush could be a source of contamination. And if the sharp bristles of your toothbrush happen to pierce your gums, the germs in the bristles could enter through those tiny lacerations and cause infections in the body. Also, most families keep their toothbrushes in a common storage system. The problem with this is that it allows airborne diseases to travel from toothbrush to toothbrush. Periodontal disease and even the common cold can be passed along this way. Now, with the Germ Terminator, you can have access to a patented steam-sanitization that kills all germs and provides you with a germ-free storage system. Modeled after steam devices used in dentists' offices to sanitize instruments, the Germ Terminator is a home unit that delivers exactly the same sanitizing benefits for your family.

The Germ Terminator is a sanitizer that uses the proven germ-killing steam technology. Water is placed into the sanitizing unit which is then heated up to produce the steam. Short bursts of steam into the toothbrush, followed by a drying process, are enough to kill whatever germs, viruses and other fungi are lingering in your toothbrush - safely, efficiently and effectively. Up to 99.9999% of all harmful germs are killed by the Germ Terminator and kept in the sanitizing chamber to ensure that your toothbrush is kept germ-free in between your brushings. The Germ Terminator is compatible with both electric and manual toothbrushes.

Feel secure that your family's toothbrushes will always be germ-free. Keep diseases and harmful germs away. Get your very own Germ Terminator today.

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