Fix It WoodWood furniture is lovely to look at but sometimes, a careless visitor or an accident causes damage to your lovely wooden table, floor, chair, door or ornament. In some cases, the scratches could be so deep and long. Getting a professional outfit redo the areas with scratches but have you considered how expensive that can be? You can try doing the sanding and painting over yourself but do you have the time and energy? Here's a quick way to deal with those ugly scratches once and for all - Fix It Wood. Just spray it on and presto, the scratch is gone!

Fix It Wood is a fast-action scratch remover from Simoniz. It works on all types of wood colors, stains and grains. Whether the wood damaged is lightly stained or has dark varnish, Fix It Wood will cover up those scratches like new. Simply locate the scratches and spray Fix It Wood directly on the scratches or on a soft cotton towel and apply it over the scratches. Light scratches, multiple scratches or deep, ugly scratches -- all these can be eliminated by Fix It Wood almost like magic. Save yourself all that money, effort and aggravation. With your order of Fix It Wood comes 2 bottles so that one bottle is for light wood while the other is for dark wood. You also get 2 deep scratch fillers: one for light wood and the other for dark wood.

With Fix It Wood in your home, you need not worry about young kids or pets causing damage to your wood furnishings. Spray Fix It Wood on those scratches and see them disappear before your eyes.

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