Try EasyContact for FREE if you're emailing a ton of people and want to monitor in real time what is happening to email campaigns. From e-mail formatting and design, to sending an unlimited number of emails, and scheduling, this new kind of emailing marketing tool is vital as you can learn from this EasyContact review.

Have you ever considered the need to make this work process faster and more efficiently?

Manually sending emails on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis just doesn't cut it anymore.

After having compiled an email listing of people who are interested in the service or products you are providing, it takes a huge amount of data entry work to send emails to keep in touch, share information, or give updates about new products, services, and promotional material.

How much time does a person take in doing this repetitive tasks? The content of the emails constantly changes but the people you are sending it to might not and there is a need to expand and manage your email address data base. Stop wasting time and energy tackling the task of sending thousands of emails to numerous potential and existing clients.

EasyContact is THE email marketing platform for creating, sending, and managing email campaigns. With various plans to choose from, all of which enable you to send an unlimited number of emails to a certain number of email addresses, email marketing is made faster and more efficient with this invaluable tool.

This email marketing platform does more that send a massive amount of emails. Here are some of the things that you can do with this powerful tool:


What makes an email look great and get better results? Using one of the customizable email template with EasyContact allows you to add content and the links. The images to be used can be yours. It is also possible to access over 40,000 royalty free images that EasyContact provides to find what you need.

If the layout is not to your liking, it may be changed by simply dragging and dropping. Then, use the Easycontact spell check, preview, publish, and send the emails in Rich-Text format or HTML.

Contact Management

The old way of managing contacts was to create groups of email addresses. Now, with EasyContact, one can add, edit, delete, and merges lists that are imported email via .csv files, webmail contact lists, and/or accessed with your new Deluxe EasyStoreMaker Pro to create an unlimited number of email campaigns.

Real Time Reporting

So, you send out a lot of emails the old way. What system do you use to check how the email campaigns are coming along?

EasyContact will report what is happening as it happens:

- The total number of emails sent and opened
- How many emails bounce and if there are any opt-outs
- How many links are followed

These are only a few things that EasyContact can do for you.

With the lowest plan starting at only $9 a month, this is the tool that will be the driving force that will surge upwards the results that you get from email campaigns.

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