I'm a big fan of puzzles, big and small. That's why I just had to get the Cyber Cube after I saw it on an infomercial.

cybercube2 It's basically a bunch of little metal balls that are super magnetized. They can be made into really crazy shapes. It's designed to stimulate both the right and the left side of the brain at the same time.

Left brainers that see things logically find an outlet for their creativity and right brainers who think creatively use it to create well organized structures and build something bound by logic.

I got mine in the mail and played with it for hours while I watched TV one night. But when I got to working, the CyberCube really showed its stars. After working for a while, I always get stressed out and get stuck in a rut or just kind of zone out, and of course my work suffers.

But now, instead of one of those stress balls, I whip out the CyberCube -- it's great. I use it to make some weird shape or a long string of the super magnetic beads and I'm immediately out of my rut. I really see how it gets both sides of my brain working.

Check it out, it's really wonderful and a nice little way to get your mind out of a rut and get your brain working through that after-lunch doldrums.

Go ahead, buy a CyberCube >>HERE<< Your brain will thank you.