Just about everyone has their own Web site these days, but it's so difficult to get it all set up since there are so, so, so many options to finding website hosting. I really like 1&1 Web Hosting, after a long time on the Internet, I find it's just the best for me.

1&1 Web Hosting I swear I get an e-mail a day about some new "best web hosting" site, and when I first started working on the Internet I checked them all and researched them to death. What did I find? Well, they're all about the same, it's just a matter of personal taste. My personal taste is easy web hosting. 1and1 is very straightforward, and since I'm not the most tech-savvy person around, that is essential. I tried other web hosting stuff before, but they can get sooo complicated.

I can find everything I need right away on 1 and 1, creating new database and registering new domain names is really, really easy. Controlling multiple websites, domains and databases is easy to organize.

Here's a picture of the back end, so easy to use.

1and1.com Backend

Since it's so straightforward and is always running great, I've only had to work with customer service once. A website I had was hacked and started sending people to a phishing scam. And of course it happened while I was on vacation. Someone from 1and1.com called me right away and said that my site had been taken down. They asked if I wanted to change the password and I said I did.

And that was all I had to do. They reverted everything on my site, changed the password, put it back online and sent me a log of everything that happened. It was incredible service, fast too. The site was down for two hours the whole time and I didn’t have to do a thing but answer my phone. I was so thankful, nothing worse than thinking about work when you're supposed to be enjoying yourself.

So for their wonderful customer service and easy use, I highly suggest you register your new domain with 1&1 Web Hosting, and if you're fed up with other crummy web hosts, transfer over and stop fighting with sub-bar services.

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