I don't have a lot of spare time in my day and I do a whole lot of printing for my home business, 101Inks is a lifesaver for me.

101Inks It is very important to me that I keep a good supply of ink handy for those situations where I have a lot of things to print and I find out that my ink is low in the middle of it. I used to have to leave and run out to either buy more ink, or have my cartridge refilled. This would really put a crimp in my day because my schedule is already so tight that it doesn't really allow for little things like this to come up. I have deadlines to meet and I can't take the time out to go running around and waiting for ink.

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If you do a lot of printing and you want to order your inks in a convenient way, then you will want to sign up for101 Inks. Their customer service is great and you can do everything that you need to do right on the web site. You don't have to talk to anyone and you don't have to leave your house. I have never had a problem with any of my inks, delivery, or anything else since I have been using them.