WaterstikFinally, there is a watering system available to help plant owners make sure their favorite flowers and other plants receive healthy doses of vital water. Get perfect watering every time with Water Stik Electronic Moisture Meter.

This patent-pending product is considered an outstanding sensor technology. It clearly indicates when water is needed by testing the soil’s moisture, but for less cost compared to other systems similar to WaterStik. The WaterStik gauge is inserted into the indoor plant’s soil and starts to blink when water is needed.

Push the Insta-Read button on the WaterStik to see the moisture level through a color system. It will indicate if the plant needs water immediately, needs water soon, has perfect moisture or has been overwatered. The easy to read color code is: blue – overwatering; green -- perfect moisture; yellow – water soon and red – water now.

Yes, it lets the plant owner know if the plant has been overwatered, which makes it first such product to do so.

The WaterStik also has a Depth-Gauge. This is designed to be adjusted to fit a variety of plants as well as watering styles. A chart lists some plants and the recommended depth to insert the WaterStik for best performance. Numbers on the WaterStik helps indicate how far the devise should be pushed into the soil. Such plants as Aloe Vera, Dragon Tree, Spider Plant, Ivy, African Violet and Croton are listed with recommended depth. Nevertheless, not every plant is mentioned on the depth list.

Anyone, losing plants due to watering issues is the focus for this product with the goal to help elevate the guessing.

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