Hiring professionals to do jobs for you can cost you a great deal of money. If you are one of those who loves to work with your hands, do things yourself, and work at your own convenience, then the Versacut Saw is just the thing for you. With its precision laser guide technology that indicates your cutting path, the Versacut Saw and its various cutting blades for wood, metal and tile, can cut virtually any material up to 1-1/16” to give you perfect cuts the first time, every time.

The Versacut Saw is very easy to use and set up. From plastics and pipes, cement board, tile and hardwood flooring, to plywood, moulding and sheet metal, the Versacut Saw will give you professional-looking results anytime, anywhere. Other saws make it difficult for you to see the line because sawdust gets in the way. But with its dust extraction adapter, Versacut Saw keeps your line free of dust to give you greater visibility while working. Its precision depth setting and fully guarded blade allows you to adjust the exact depth of the blade that extends from the plunge while letting you saw fast but safely. The Versacut Saw has a rugged, full metal guard for utmost durability and a lock-off switch for safety, thus preventing any accidental starting while the saw is not in use. Though weighing only 4 lbs. and seemingly light, this machine gives you the power and precision you need especially in areas that other bulky saws cannot reach.


Versacut Saw is your one-saw-for-everything tool. Whether you require ripping, plunge cutting or cross cutting, the Versacut Saw gives you many hours of pleasure and easy work. No more heavy saws to carry, uneven cuts to deal with, messy workplaces and unsatisfying results. Say hello to the Versacut Saw now and enjoy having an entire workshop at your fingertips.