Bed bugs are nasty pests that can infest your home, building or even be a big inconvenience when you are traveling and staying in hotels, hostels or inns which are not always properly maintained. The problem with bed bugs is that if these are not contained, they can easily spread to other rooms or even to other building floors. They don’t just hide in beds. They can hide in walls and closets and infest even your upholstered furniture. If you want to ensure that bed bugs do not bug you in your own home, or wherever you may need to stay the night during travels, turn to, where you can buy anti-bedbug encasements that will make life better for you and your children.

Just to be clear, is not a pest exterminator. They’re a division of NorthShore Care Supply, an online medical supply retailer. NorthShore Care Supply carried mattress encasements in 2006 and realized soon after that many people were complaining about bed bugs and how afraid some were about bringing bed bugs homd from a trip. Since then, has become a leading supplier of items that help you detect, contain, and prevent the spread of bedbugs.

Early detection is important and this is true if you’re buying a house that has already been lived in, a pre-owned condo unit or apartment, or just deciding on a hotel room to stay in. offers monitors, traps and barriers that will help catch these bugs before you  finalize that house, condo, or apartment purchase.

On the other hand, if you notice that there are bed bugs already in your home, provides couch/sofa, mattress and pillow encasements including encasements for baby cribs. All you do is wrap the mattresses or cushions in these encasements. You need not throw out the entire mattress or sofa. Once the mattress or cushion is zipped up, bed bugs die within 12 to 18 months from starvation. If you travel frequently and fear bringing bed bugs home from your trips, bring along’s luggage encasements as well as some natural bug spray to prevent them from biting. Their bug spray is all-natural, non-pesticide and environmentally friendly. It’s safe to use around children and pets. And yet, it’s so effective that 90% of bed bugs die within two seconds of contact with the spray while the rest die within 30 seconds.

Sleep peacefully whether you are at home, on a trip or just about anywhere you are with your family. With’s encasement and spray products, bed bugs will no longer pester you.

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