Twin Cut Technology Power SawIf you are the handyman type of person who loves to do carpentry work around the house, this tool is for you. With the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw, you can cut through different types of material easily and cleanly. Why spend to buy cutting tools for different kinds of material when all you need is just one tool that does the job? Its name says it all. It uses twin blades and cutting-edge technology to give you a power saw that beats most of the cutting tools in the market and remains sharp even after cutting through the thickest of materials.

Power, precision, versatility and strength - all that is in just this one tool, the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw. It uses a patented system called the counter-rotating technology, using a 900 watt motor, and twin blades that rotate in opposite directions at  6000RPMs. You can start cutting virtually anywhere, even in the middle of the material and the blades cut right through. With your order of Twin Cut Technology Power Saw comes two tungsten carbide-tipped blades which can cut through metal (hard or soft), wood and plastic. In addition, you get six lubrication sticks which allow you to cut through soft metals such as aluminum, copper and stainless steel without overheating or warping the material. Just fit a stick over the saw and when the blades start to rotate, the lubricating stick moves down onto the blade and allows it to cut right through the soft metal cleanly. The blades stay as sharp as ever even after using it many times.  You will also get a sturdy carrying case when you get the Twin Cut Technology Power Saw, as well as an instruction manual and a tool for changing blades.

With your Twin Cut Technology Power Saw, watch as you cut through metal, wood, or plastic like a hot knife slicing through butter. Save on having to buy different tools to cut different types of material. Just Twin Cut Technology Power Saw will do the trick.

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