You probably know that feeling. You’re poolside, raring to relax on that lounge chair with a cool drink and a great book. But that lounge chair is just too hard! Minutes into sitting on it and you’re squirming, trying to adjust your butt this way and that. And still, that chair is just too uncomfortable. Or if the chair has been under the sun for some time, there’s no way you could sit on it comfortably. Tushee Towel is just the solution for you during times when you want to sit in sheer comfort even for hours on end without worrying that you’d get up with a sore behind.

The Tushee Towel is made of soft, high-quality velour that is even more comfortable that the bath towels you are used to. This towel does not just drape over a chair. Those kinds of temporary covers blow away with a strong wind. The Tushee Towel has a secure pocket on one side that goes over the back of any chair or lounger, keeping it firmly in place. Not only can you sit in comfort for long periods of time but the Tushee Towel also protects your clothes from any dirt or wet areas on the chair. It’s great not only for bringing to the pool. The Tushee Towel is also great for other uses. Bring them to the stadium, on your travels, as an added cushion for long flight hauls when you fly, or just about anywhere you’d need to sit and you want to do so without feeling the hard surface of the chair. The length is adjustable – just pinch the sides, press down and smoothen and it’s adjusted to the chair’s length. It’s also completely washing-machine safe. Just throw it into the washer and forget about it.

There are two sizes of the Tushee Towel – original and lounger. Order either size and you also get a Tushee Sport free, plus a handy tote bag to carry the Tushee Towel with you easily, anywhere. It’s more than just a chair cover because that soft material is good enough for you to roll up and make into a pillow for long car drives or just about anywhere you need something to cushion your head.

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