TickleMe PlantOwning a TickleMe Plant is nearly just as fun as having SeaMonkeys. Have you ever wanted to keep a good indoor plant that could be fun, one that is truly unique and will react when you touch it? The TickleMe Plant closes when you touch it and opens right back after a few minutes. The TickleMe Plant is a very shy plant and leaves fold to hide themselves when touched!

The TickleMe Plants are perfect good indoor plants for anyone, young or old. IThese cheap indoor plants are sold as a complete starter kit and it includes with six pots and a greenhouse so you can carry your plants with you or keep them together. To start growing your TickleMe Plant all you have to do is put a soil disk inside a pot, put some seeds, then add some water. To keep the TickleMe Plant alive just don’t forget to water it. You can keep them all together in a nifty TickleMe Plant greenhouse.

TickleMe PlantTouching the TickleMe Plant is so much fun as the leaves will close and you don’t have to wait for long to play with it as grows fast after putting some TickleMe plant seeds in the soil disk. You’ll start seeing your new TickleMe plant sprouting out quickly the next day after planting. The starter kit also comes with TickleMe Plant fun guide to help you.

You may want to watch this video about the TickleMe plant that you have read about in this product review.

Buy now and you can get two TickleMe Plant sets which means you get lots of TickleMe Plant seeds, two TickleMe Plant greenhouses, twelve pots, and twelve soil disks for you to be able to grow plenty of TickleMe Plants. The soil disks are a special ‘no-mess soil’ so you won’t worry about using since it magically softens after you put water.

When your plants are large enough, lightly touch the leaves TickleMe Plants or poke them and they close. Wait a few minutes and then they open again. Tickling the TickleMe Plant is fun, and since you will have twelve pots you can go crazy with poking them. Owning a TickleMe Plant need for you to have little more responsibility since you have to always keep them near the light at daytime and you must water it every day.

Get to take home 2 complete sets of TickleMe Plants if you take advantage of this offer right aways. Take it home and share it with your friends or maybe own your own little TickleMe garden. Have a lot of fun with this moving plant and even get to watch it close it's leaves at night to go to sleep.

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