The Original DreamieIf you travel a lot and often sleep in different hotels, sleep is sometimes difficult to come by. Sometimes long car travels also require you to take naps at intervals. And when you need to take quick power naps in couches, you can often end up with blankets that are not only thin but also may not cover your legs entirely. Getting adequate amounts of sleep is so important because not only does it recharge you for the activities of the next day but it also keeps you alert. What else can be more comfortable than to get that feeling of always having your own comfortable blanket from home with you at all times. The Original Dreamie, a revolutionary 3-in-1 comforter for adults which is a combination of a top sheet, a bottom sheet, and a pillow, feels like you brought your bed with you on your travels.

The Original Dreamie is your personalized 3-in-1, specially-designed blanket which allows you to sleep on any flat surface or area, spread out the bottom sheet, insert your pillow into the opening, and cover yourself with the top sheet. Unlike ordinary beddings where your pillow moves in all places as you sleep, The Original Dreamie always keeps your pillow in place to give you undisturbed sleep all throughout the night. It wraps softly around your feet, giving you that feeling of warmth, comfort and security - just like home. The Original Dreamie does not use up much space. You can easily tuck it into an area of your travel bag and open it up when you need to use it. The silky material is so soft and smooth to the touch; it keeps you cool in hot weather and cozy in cold weather. Due to its silky texture, germs and dirt do not easily cling to the material, unlike beddings made of cotton, wool, or polyester. Other than being so easy to handle, it is also so easy to clean. It comes in two unisex colors, Expresso and Ivory.

Never lose sleep anymore when you are away from home. With The Original Dreamie tucked into your traveling bag or suitcase, you always have the perfect piece of bedding to ensure you sleep well because it will always feel like you were in your own bed.

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