TeleStik_Grab_StickDid you ever have an object that was just out of reach that you couldn’t, no matter how hard you tried, get a hold of? Even if you had the help of a traditional grabbing stick, odds are the wide head may not be able to get into the area where your item sits. If you have trouble squeezing or gripping things a traditional grabbing stick won’t help you out either, because they require you to squeeze a lever to grab and hold onto the item.

The TeleStik Grab Stick is changing the way that people get lost or out of reach items. The TeleStik Grab Stick is completely collapsible making it the easiest to store and easiest to carry reach stick on the market – when fully collapsed the TeleStik Grab Stick is only around seven inches long which means that it will easily fit into any drawer, on any shelf or even into your pocket so you can have your hands free while walking to retrieve your item.

The TeleStik Grab Stick comes with your choice of two different grip sizes and three different head styles so you can select the model that will most likely suit your individual situation the best. There is a magnetic head which is great for metal items, an adhesive disk head for most non metallic items or you can get the best of both worlds with a model that contains both heads. All of the head options on the TeleStik Grab Stick are much smaller and much more manageable that the heads on traditional grabbing sticks so you can easily retrieve items that would have been impossible to get by any other method.

If you want a quick, convenient and lightweight way to retrieve out of reach items, you can’t go wrong with the TeleStik Grab Stick.

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