Just because you have an obvious tear, hole or rip in an article of clothing, a bag, a pair of boots or some furniture is not reason enough to throw it away. Tear Repair helps you get a new life for all your prized possessions. It gives a permanent bond in just minutes and is practically invisible.

Tear Repair is an amazing product that works wonders on leather and vinyl.  It allows you to make lasting, affordable repairs on damaged jackets, purses, belts, couches, car seats, dashboards, boots and even furniture-- just like a professional! Tear Repair is easy to use. Apply it to the area, enough to fill the tear, hole or rip.  Cover it with the textured finishing swatch and allow it to dry for a few minutes.  You will hardly see where you made the repair.

When you order Tear Repair, it comes with a variety of colors to match any color combination. Get a mixing guide to help you with in-between colors. Some textured finishing swatches can give that final touch to hide those damaged areas you want to keep hidden. Tear Repair is all you need for those quick, easy and perfect repairs you want any time, all the time.

There is no need to replace or throw away items you have in your home just because of a simple tear or hole.  Professionals charge huge fees just to do such repairs to make your bags and upholstery look like new.  With Tear Repair, save hundreds of dollars because you can do the repairs yourself.  Tear Repair pays for itself the first time you use it! Your clothes, bags, shoes and furniture will give you many more years of service.

Try it yourself and see the wonders that this product can do for the things you would like to keep and continue using. Give some to friends and family so they too can share in the savings you enjoy. Never let a tear or rip make you spend more dollars again. Tear Repair is the handy home solution.