A timer light that requires no installation. The TapLight is the lighting solution.

Someone forget to turn off the light? Want more light in any area of the home? No need to call an electrician, place wiring, or a switch – a TapLight can be installed quick.

Installs easily

Ordinary lighting requires mounting with screws and wiring for switches. Eliminate these steps as the TapLight has a strong backing adhesive that can be placed on any flat surface such as a wall, ceiling, floor, inside a cabinet, or under a shelf. You may also choose not to place it on any surface and bring it along when you go camping to light up the tent or to use as a flashlight.

Shuts off automatically

Here's a light that no one will forget to turn off. No need to stand up from bed or have to get your hands free to click a switch.

This light is tapped to turn on. The shut down timer can be preset to close the light in a minute, 3 minutes, a quarter of an hour. There is also an option to keep it always open and tap to close.

Place a TapLight anywhere

Red light blinker

How many light switches can you find if the room is in total darkness? In your home, you might have memorized where the switches are. Still, there are times that you might be disoriented like when you just had woken up.

Stop groping around in the dark to turn on a light. The TapLight has a blinking red light. This makes its location of highly visible in dim light or total darkness for you to find the light to tap on.

LED light advantages

Unlike fluorescent light, there is no toxic mercury in the TapLight because it is an LED light. It produces more light per watt – making the batteries last for a longer period of time. Multi-directional, these kinds of lights will not "burn out".

Make your all areas home safer and brighter at night by adding these extra lights.

The kitchen cupboard that is dark, the corner that is dim, the entry door that needs an extra light, the bathroom that has a switch too high for the kids… Here's the link for you to get more information and how to order the lighting solution - the TapLight.