StrawberryGiantI have always loved strawberries and I always wished that I could grow them myself. It is so difficult for me to grow anything because I have a very small yard that consists mostly of cement. I had always thought that I would try to grow my own strawberries when I move into a home with an actual yard, but there is really no move planned in my future so I just figured that it would never happen. I eat a lot of strawberries too.

I love to make strawberry shortcake and other meals with strawberries. I especially love to eat them when it is warm outside. I put them in the freezer for a few minutes to give them a chill and then I eat them to help me cool off. Buying strawberries from the store is so expensive though, so I didn't eat them as much as I would like. That's the main reason I would have loved to have grown them myself. I would have them whenever I wanted for free.

One day I learned about the Strawberry Giant and I knew right away that I needed to get one for myself. I was so happy to learn that I would be able to grow my own strawberries. The best part is that I could grow them off of my patio or even inside of my house. I went ahead and ordered the Strawberry Giant as soon as I could. I actually got two of them. In no time at all I had my own strawberries at my disposal. Since I saw how great the Strawberry Giant works, I got two more. Yes, I really do eat that many strawberries. They taste so fresh and I really love the added touch they give to my home,. I have two of them growing on the patio and two growing indoors in a well lit area. All of the strawberries taste better than the ones used to buy from the store. I love the Strawberry Giant.

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