Space Bag OttomanIf you feel like you are always running out of storage space at home, then you are just like so many others who, through the years of living in a home, accumulate so many things that can no longer be stored in the original closet spaces. The addition of children to a household also add clothes and toys to such stuff. On the other hand, if you are a student living in a college dorm, you know that those spaces are pretty cramped and normally not large enough to accommodate all the stuff you normally would need during your college life. While there are storage containers available in the market, they sometimes look out of place in your bedroom, living room or dorm. With Space Bag Ottoman, you get the additional storage space while disguising it as furniture that blends well in your room.

Space Bag Ottoman is the latest in compression storage technology. It works just like those space bags available where you can store more stuff by sucking all the air out using a vacuum cleaner hose. But at the same time, it looks like an ottoman so it could be right in the middle of your living room and still not look out of place. You can store up to 3 times more with Space Bag Ottoman. Clothing, towels, sweaters, and other soft items can be placed inside the Space Bag Ottoman. Air can be eliminated manually by pushing the bag down or vacuuming the air out with a standard hose. The faux leather cushioned lid is then placed on top of the Space Bag Ottoman. This remains airtight and watertight and protects the contents from mildew, dust, bugs and odor.  Use the ottoman as a stool, as a table, or sit on it. It's so versatile.

Truly save space and money when you get the Space Bag Ottoman. It's one item every home should have.

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