How to protect stored fabric items and save space?

When pillows and comforters are compressed, the bulk is reduced. The Space Bag Giant Combo set of 10 are air and water tight storage bags that protect what's inside from moisture and dirt. Bulk reduction is done by removing the air in the storage bag.

A Space Bag has a one way valve. Any vacuum cleaner hose can be used on this valve to suck out all the air inside. It closes by means of a zip glider to make it air tight. It is made from waterproof material.


Clothes and other fabric items are usually stored in cabinets and boxes. After being tucked away for a certain period of time, what is kept may have a musky odor, mildew, or small holes from having been eaten by insects.

Keep compressible items like winter clothing and bedding sealed in Space Bags to protect them from damage.

Triple storage space

As the fabric items are no longer bulky, it is possible to create extra space in a storage area such as the closet or luggage. You can put in more that ever before. Get rid of clutter and be more organized with a Space Bag Giant Combo set.

Imagine what would happen when you remove air from a pillow? Press it down with your hand and see how small it gets. That's what a Space Bag will do. With an airtight seal, the pillow will stay compress when you vacuum out the air. Pack up compressible stuff to greatly reduce the amount of space that it occupies to make the storage area neater.

3x More Space

Reusable, a Space Bag Giant Combo set has 10 storage bags, an extra large, 4 large, 4 medium bags, and a carry on travel bag.

Pack fabric items and other compressible stuff like stuff toys according to size to maximize storage space and prevent damage from dust, dirt, moisture, and bugs by placing them in Space Bags.