A delightful display is created as it protects what’s compressed inside.

Pack these into a Space Bag

Not enough room in the closet? Want to carry less luggage?

There might be enough cabinet space to store treasured clothing like a wedding gown but you know that keeping it in a box won’t protect from mildew or insects. Don't let your garments get ruined by improper storage.

A new storage pack makes it easy for you to seal clothing, fabric items, and similar material by reducing its volume. A unique storage system - the Space Bag Combo Packs in Color.

Vacuum-sealed and airtight

Coats, comforters, pillows, and similar items that are compressed in a Space Bag will stay clean and smell fresh for a long period of time. The volume is reduced as the air is taken out to create an excellent seal that keeps away dust, dirt, odors, and insects.

So your folded - or even unfolded bedspreads - will no longer be that bulky as it is packed away neatly. Winter clothing will be stored properly without taking a lot of space. Ideal for fabrics, it can be use to store practically anything that is 'compressible'.


A closet is dark and might sometimes be damp which may bring about the growth of mold or mildew that will ruin the clothing items stored in it. Keep the moisture out by using these waterproof storage packs.

If you place your extra clothes in a Space Bag when you go on an outdoor activity such as fishing, these will surely stay clean and dry. Even if it is just drizzling outside, ensure that your things won’t get wet by placing it in a Space Bag.

Organize with color

This Space Bag Combo Packs in Color has a dozen of them. These can store at least 60 sweaters, 6 queen bedding sets, and 12 pillows. Reusable - with the royal colors of ruby, indigo, and teal - identify what's inside or who it belongs to as you place these decorative storage packs under the bed, in the garage, or fill up a cabinet up to three times the usual capacity.

There are many things we can do with ease with our multi-tasking capabilities. Efficiency and functionality is a must in all the things that we use. It would be nice if what we have in and around our home was also decorative.

How would you like to maximize the space in storage areas, pack up more stuff, organize with color codes, and protect compressible items? Learn more by reading other Space Bag Combo Packs in Color reviews or place your order by clicking here.