How To:  Pack, Seal, Compress, and Stack

If you own bulky bedding, thick garments, or seasonal clothes, you might be in need of more storage space. Folding comforters, rolling up towels, and stacking up pillows to make them fit in a cabinet, or placing these in wood or plastic boxes are a few of the usual solutions.

A musky odor that clings to the fabric or mildew are some of the other problems that typically arises from storing clothes, especially if placed in a cabinet that is seldom opened. A cabinet might have cockroaches or ants that will create small holes in the clothes. Heavy fabric like curtains and rugs can be a haven for bed bugs.

But - even if these are placed in a storage bag that is sealed and watertight to ensure that dirt, dust, moisture, and bugs will be kept at bay... the ultimate need is to save on storage space.

It’s not a Rubik's cube

The Space Bag Combo Large storage cube stands upright. Top loading, after adding the desired contents, closing the zip slider will create an airtight seal. No moisture, dirt, or dust, or insects can enter this storage cube when the items are packed and sealed.

This storage cube has a one-way turbo valve from which air is evacuated. Any vacuum cleaner hose can be placed on this valve. If the material to be stored in the Space Bag is compressible, it will no longer be bulky when the air is removed by the vacuum. A pile of clothes, thick comforters, fluffy towels, swan’s down pillows - these are just a few examples of what can be compressed by this vacuum pack process.

It provides more than one solution

Designed to gently pack a lot and protect what’s stored, these 3-dimensional storage bags hold their shape - even without a box. These transparent storage bags are well sealed, watertight, streamlined in packaging, and much easier to carry - and surely a lot less bulky than what was stored in it.

Space Bag stuff like costumes that you don't really need right now but might use again. Finding a storage area for these cubes is less of a problem - tuck it under a bed, place it in the garage, stack them up - with no worries as the things inside won't get dirty.

Space Bagging >>>  it's more than just packing up.

A Space Bag Combo Large set includes:

  • *one large storage cube which can contain 12 sweaters
  • *one extra large cube that may hold 3 twin comforters and 2 pillows
  • *one jumbo sized cube which can fit 3 king-size comforters and 4 pillows

With the closing of a zip glider and the power of a vaccompress and create stackable Space Bag cubes.

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