Get into the groove of green energy and start contributing to a smaller carbon footprint by building your very own solar panels! It’s not difficult at all when you get Solar Sphere as your solar partner. Solar Sphere has the solar power kits, solar panel kits, solar panel center, as well as all the parts, accessories and tutorial videos that you’ll need to successfully build your own solar panels.

It’s about time we start doing something about harnessing energy that will not be deadly to Mother Nature. One way is to harness the power of the sun. And in order to make the move to solar energy as painless and inexpensive as possible, Solar Sphere is always there to help you make the big move. Solar Sphere carries solar power kits and solar panel kits in different sizes. So whether you want to start out small with a 5-watt solar power kit for charging RVs or go bigger with an 80-watt kit solar energy kit, you can get them all at Solar Sphere.

For larger housing projects like setting up solar panels on the roof, just click on the Solar Panel Center and from there you can choose your solar panels by brand, watt and type (foldable panels, flexible panels, solar panel modules, solar shingles, among others).

Solar Sphere also carries tutorial videos to help the green warrior in you succeed on your first try. Take your pic from a wide range of tutorials including the bestseller and staff favorite – “A Complete Guide to the Installation of PV Solar Power Systems”.

Of course, if you want to buy assembled solar energy-run appliances like air conditioners, water generators, refrigerators, freezers, fans and other ventilation devices, Solar Sphere has these as well. They even have a solar golf cart kit and solar-powered camping gadgets.

With fossil fuel consumption at an all-time high, harnessing solar energy to run a lot of our appliances and homes can go a long way to keeping our planet viable. Let Solar Sphere start you today on this journey.