snuggieMy husband must be the cheapest man alive because every winter the mercury in my thermometer hovers just under the 70-degree mark.

I used to drink tea, wear sweaters and wrap myself inside blankets like a burrito. This was quite cozy, but extremely annoying for doing anything -- even drinking tea meant I had to unwrap myself from my snug little cocoon.

So one night I was watching television and a commercial for the Snuggie Fleece Throw. I thought it looked a little silly, but wow did it look warm and the sleeves would be ideal for flipping channels or reading a book.

Watch the Snuggie Blanket Commercial

I looked it up online and found a buy one get one free link. Since that's much cheaper than even a decent blanket, I figured why not and ordered the Snuggie deal online. In a week, my Snuggie came and it was amazing. I was literally wearing a blanket while watching TV.

I could reach out through my cozy fortress to change channels, read a book and used it to stay bundled up while working on my laptop.

My husband, who was happy I stopped complaining about the temperature, was envious of my warm little investment – my wearable blanket. So, for Christmas I bought him one too. We unwrapped our presents wrapped in our cozy Snuggie.

I love my Snuggie blanket with sleeves and will be buying another round of them for my family this Christmas.

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