I live in a condo that has a small front porch. Although I love to garden I haven't been able to do much of it due to the smallness of my porch, at least until I got a set of Smart Stacker planters.

I used to have a garden in the yard of my previous house and I loved it. Gardening is a part of my life that I have missed a lot since I moved.

I have tried to put box pots on my porch before and they have just taken up way too much room. I gave up and figured there was no way that I would ever find something that would fit on my porch and leave me enough room to sit in my chair that I have on it.

One day I saw an advertisement for Smart Stackers. These are flower pots that have a nice small design, yet still hold plenty of flowers. They also stack on top of each other which allows you to be able to have several of them placed in a corner.

They don't take up much room, but they still allow you to have a lot of flowers in one location. Another great thing about Smart Stackers is that they have a great watering system. When water is received from the top pot it will filter down to the lower pots so they all receive water.

I truly enjoy my Smart Stackers. I can enjoy having flowers on my porch without having too much room taken up from the pots.

Now when I walk up to my porch making my way to the front door I am greeted with a variety of lovely flowers. It helps to make my residence feel more like a home rather than just a place that I happen to reside in. I sit on my porch each morning now and enjoy my beautiful flowers.

Go to the Smart Stacker site and buy yourself some stacking pots right away!