It’s easier to sweep wooden floors and wipe counter tops and tables but it is more difficult to keep clothes, draperies and upholsteries free of dust, lint, dirt, pet hair, fuzz and food sediments. With Shticky Lint Roller, you just need to roll it over any piece of clothing, curtain or sofa and see all the dirt and lint come off and stick directly on the roller. As easily as it picks up dirt and lint, washing it off is just as easy.

Sweeping floors and dusting off dirt is so much easier to do. But what happens when sediments like lint, dust and dirt cling to fabric like suede or settle on curtains and upholstery? It can get very tricky to clean. Some lint brushes may loosen the lint and trap some of them but more often than not, the lint just transfers to another area of the fabric or fall to the floor. That takes more time than it really should. In other cases, the lint comes off and falls to the floor so you’d still have to sweep the floor afterwards.

The Shticky Lint Roller is just the perfect item to have handy for times like these. Because it is a roller, one only needs to grasp its handle firmly and roll it over the area needing cleaning and it totally picks up lint, fuzz, dirt and other items on the item. You can even roll it directly over your pet's body to pick up loose pet hair.

Because it comes in three sizes -- giant, original and mini – you can choose which size best suits your cleaning requirements. The mini roller is portable and best for quick cleaning touch-ups. Roll it over shoulders to pick off any fallen hair or even dandruff before that important date or roll it over skirts to remove food crumbs. Because it is foldable, it fits into a purse, briefcase or glove compartment. The original roller is for standard cleaning. The giant roller, with its 3-foot steel telescopic, extendable handle, is great for high and hard-to-reach places like high curtains, under the stairs or under beds.

Cleaning the Shticky Lint Roller is just as easy. Simply dip it in warm water and watch the lint and dirt fall away from the roller. Once dry, it is ready till the next time you need to clean again.

Make housework easier with the Shticky Lint Roller. Once you have it, you will be amazed at how much faster it is for you to do your cleaning tasks.