The Shave Easy Foot Rest creates a place for you to rest your foot while shaving your legs. Ideal for showers and bathtubs, make your grooming process much easier with this bathroom accessory. Innovative bathroom accessories product reviews abound but this review features one that you might need!

Lathering up those legs and shaving them while bathing makes it more convenient to rinse off after you are done. If you shave your legs regularly, you might have realized that it's quite difficult to bend over or raise your leg to reach all the parts. To solve this problem, you could have placed your foot up on a step or use the toilet to give your lower legs some height so you can reach it.

Your remedy is a temporary solution that makes your foot get too high or too low. To eliminate not raising your foot to the right height, you can get a foot hold by placing the Shave Easy Foot Rest. It's the perfect bathroom accessory especially created for those who shave their legs.

The Shave Easy Foot Rest is attached with a suction cup to tile, cement, or marble surfaces. It also can be placed on other surfaces like wood. Place it at the height which is most convenient for you to have ease of access when shaving your legs. It is aesthetically designed so it won't conflict with your bathroom theme. Once you place it on the wall - there's the spot to place your foot. Move it easily if you want to adjust the height, and take it off the wall if you want to store it until the next time you shave your legs.

The incline of the Shave Easy Foot Rest is just right for the arched curve of your foot. No matter how small or big your feet are, the Shave Easy Foot Rest can accommodate it. With this unique bathroom accessory, shaving your legs is made a lot easier. No longer bend over or find places to place your foot while shaving when you own the Shave Easy Foot Rest.