Seat SaversOver time your once new and firm couch starts showing its age. It doesn't help when you have young kids who love to transform your couch into a trampoline. With all that jumping up and down, a couch loses its firmness and begins to sag. Couches that no longer hold their firmness can cause minor accidents sometimes. You may be settling down to what you think is a comfortable couch but you suddenly lose your balance as you sink into a cushion that gives way to your weight and shifts your balance. If this has happened to you more than once, you know that it's either time to chance your couch or, if you are on a budget, get some firm cushion support right away. Seat Savers is one such cushion support that you will need.

With Seat Savers, your couch will look and feel like new. You can bring comfort back to what was once a discomforting feeling every time you sank into a sofa, seat or armchair that sagged. People with a history of bad backs will appreciate having Seat Savers as it is very difficult for them to get up from a sagging couch. With Seat Savers, all chairs remain firm and support the back very well. Seat Savers comes in accordion-like panels made of sturdy fiberboard and covered with a vinyl material which can easily be wiped clean. The panels can be trimmed for a more customized fit for a couch or a simple dinner chair.  For the budget-conscious, Seat Savers allow you to continue using your couch for that much longer until you have saved up enough for a new couch or chair.

Say goodbye to sagging chairs and couches with Seat Savers and protect your back as well.

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