Worried about your heating bills skyrocketing during the cold months? Try Seasonaire – Heater and Air Purification System. This zone heating device will heat only the areas that you need for just pennies an hour. You need not heat up a whole house just to stay warm. And it comes with another plus – an air purification system that kills 98% of airborne bacteria that passes through its patent pending chamber.

The cold months bring on ever increasing heating bills that can really burn a hole in one’s pocket. Every time we turn up that thermostat, it costs us more per hour that the heater is on. Now take the idea of the  Seasonaire - Heater and Air Purification System. Instead of heating up a whole house, why not just heat up the room where you are? You could be in the kitchen whipping up meals or in the living room entertaining guests or simply in the bedroom taking a nap. The  Seasonaire - Heater and Air Purification System heats up only the space where people are. It runs at 5600 BTUs, sufficient enough to heat up to 1,000 square feet. And it’s so light and portable, you can roll it from room to room as you move around.

Seasonaire - Heater and Air Purification System is an effective, efficient and cost-saving infrazone heating system with the following features:

  • Infrazone Heating – it sucks in air, warms it up with infrared heat, then distributes it around room from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall evenly.
  • Hepa Air Filter – the filter removes up to 99.97% of dust, allergen, mold spores, pet dander and pollen in the air
  • UV Air Purification – 98% of airborne bacteria are killed when they pass through the Seasonaire’s chamber
  • Ionic Air Freshener – the air around you is bombarded with ions that make the room air smell like mountain-fresh air
  • Humidifier – the room is kept moist, unlike other heaters that tend to dry up the air around
  • Dual speed fan – this speeds up the distribution of warm air around the room

Bring those utility bills down even in the cold months with  Seasonaire - Heater and Air Purification System. You can continue to keep warm without worrying about what it’s costing you.