Not all carpet cleaners are the same. Some are wider and more powerful than others. And when you get the Rug Doctor Wide Track, you get one that has a much wider cleaning path, fewer refills, and gives you commercial-grade cleaning power. Its 3-step hot extraction water method removes dirt, allergens and bacteria buried deep inside the carpet. This simple but powerful work horse is all you will need to keep your carpets as clean as can be not just on the surface but all the way down into the carpet’s recesses.

Carpets need routine maintenance as well as deep cleaning when they get very soiled. The Rug Doctor Wide Track gets to the bottom of all this dirt and because of its vacuum track width (12.4 inches or 31.5 cm), you can clean a carpet much faster than one with a narrower width. Two needle jets apply a controlled amount of pre-mixed solution of water and detergent that reaches deep into the carpet. It also has a bi-directional agitating brush which scrubs the carpet fibers at 1,800 strokes a minute that thoroughly clean the carpet and leave it fluffy and smooth. Dual cleaning modes allow you to choose if you are just doing routine maintenance or deep cleaning. Its two large tanks (3.7 gallon cleaning solution tank and 4.8 gallon waste recovery tank) means you can hold more liquid and will need fewer refills. And because you are able to clean faster than other cleaners, carpets are cleaned, dried and ready for foot traffic in as short as 1-2 hours.

The body of the Rug Doctor Wide Track is durable – made of high-impact polyethylene. A folding, adjustable handle makes it easy to maneuver the Rug Doctor Wide Track and a universal hand tool has 12 feet of hose for stairways, tight spaces, upholstery and even the interiors of your car.

Easily clean carpets all the way down its fibers easily and swiftly with Rug Doctor Wide Track. You’ll be glad that its extra width will cover more carpet space in less time, making your day a lot more productive.

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