Boring walls, be gone! Now you can dress up any room – living room, bedroom, playroom, study area or nursery with RoomMates Removable Wall Decals that are fun, colorful, whimsical, imaginative, creative and just eye candy for any child or adult. Whether you prefer to create a modern or classic look, sophisticated or fairy tale-like, feminine or masculine, you can create a mural on any wall in no time at all at a cost much less than applying wallpaper and at less effort than painting an entire room.

RoomMates Removable Wall Decals has designs in different themes. Your children and you will have so much fun choosing from among them – princesses, jungle animals, cars, trains, pirates, sports, flowers, dots, castles, space, fire trucks, fairies and more.

They also have different kinds of decals. Home Décor decals create a fun look anywhere like flowers growing behind a couch, butterflies seeming to flutter near a window, vegetables and fruits lining a kitchen wall or seashells adorning a bathroom mirror.  Chalk and Dry Erase decals look like tiny versions of chalkboards and dry-erase boards that are perfect as message centers, calendars or even as classroom accessory to allow other messages to be written without drilling holes into the walls.

Wondering how to attach mirrors in bedrooms or even bathrooms but hesitant to drill holes? The Peel & Stick Mirrors of RoomMates Removable Wall Decals are great alternatives. Just peel and stick it on and voila, you have an instant mirror! Your teen-aged girl will love this one as she can choose to put mirrors just about anywhere she pleases without worrying about leaving gaping holes.

The great thing about RoomMates Removable Wall Decals is that it lets you change your wall décor anytime without worrying about how to strip wallpaper or how to move stuff around if a wall had to be repainted. Just peel off the old decals, wipe the walls and stick new ones in their place. It’s that simple and affordable.

There are a million and one ways to spruce up your walls with RoomMates Removable Wall Decals. You and your children will have fun playing around with all the possibilities and not worry about ruining your walls. Get your creative juices going!