I have always loved gardening. I love flowers and I always wanted to have one of those gorgeous yards that are lined with rows of colorful flowers. Unfortunately, I have never had a green thumb. Every time I would try to garden and grow some flowers in my yard, I would never be able to. I have tried many different types of flowers hoping to see results from my efforts. I am still not sure what I was doing wrong, but it just never happened for me.

One day I had company over and we began talking about gardening. My company mentioned to me that they had a hard time starting a flower garden and could never seem to do it either. That is, until they tried the Roll N Grow. It sounded like just the thing for me. I got the information on the Roll N Grow and decided to give it a try myself. If it was as easy as they had told me it was then I figured there was a chance that I would be able to grow beautiful flowers by using it.

Roll_and_GrowWhen my Roll N Grow came I was very excited to give it a try and see if I could finally get my own flower garden started. I went out in the yard that weekend and did exactly as the instructions said to. I simply rolled the sheet wherever I wanted to grow flowers. I watered it and hoped for the best. The next thing I knew, I was beginning to sprout many, many flowers everywhere that I had wanted to. They came in fast and healthy. I am now out in my yard more often so that I can admire my gorgeous flowers. I even get comments from neighbors about how lovely my yard is. I have finally accomplished having my own flower garden!

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