Unless you are Cinderella, it is hard to think of a reason to sing joyfully as you go about cleaning the floors of your house. Sweeping, without a doubt, is not only physically draining but also time-consuming. Now, some may claim that chores can actually be “relaxing” sometimes—but then again, so is putting your feet up and actually getting some real rest and relaxation. For anyone who has ever wanted help clearing their floor of dust, hair, lint and fur, there is RoboMaid—the easiest way to clean all floor surfaces. Simply attach an electro static pad (8 of which come with the RoboMaid set for you to start with) to the RoboMaid robotic ball, set the cleaning time, put it in the sweeper and sit back as it does your work for you. No more battery? No problem! The RoboMaid comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and battery charger, so you can keep your floors spotless day after day.


Dust and other tiny particles are not just eyesores to look at; they can also trigger pesky respiratory problems that are avoidable through good cleaning habits and efficient cleaning tools. The RoboMaid cleans all floor surfaces, changing directions as needed and sweeping hard-to-reach places such as under tables and chairs. The RoboMaid is also as silent as it is thorough. Those who cringe at the sound of traditional vacuum cleaners will love getting their floors tidied up without causing a ruckus at home. With your precious minutes saved, you have extra time to do other things, be it whipping up a special dinner, finishing that report you’ve been working on, or even just catching up on your new favorite TV series.

Say goodbye to the task of dusting floors, and the hassle of asking someone else to do it for you. In this day and age where there is always an endless list of things to be done, there is just no excuse for wasting time and energy on things that can be accomplished minus the stress. Get spotless floors anytime without breaking a sweat ever again. Grab your own RoboMaid now!