Are you tired of polishing and waxing your floor with different and costly floor cleaners? Now you can polish your floor to restore, shine and protect it for many months with just one inexpensive floor solution called the Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer. Being eco-friendly, it has no irritating vapors and will not harm your skin in any way. Bringing a renewed shine to your floors has never been as easy.

The Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer kit includes: 22 oz. Clean and Revive Floor Cleaner, 16 oz. Rejuvenate Floor Renewer, 8 oz. Cabinet and Furniture Renewer, a Microfiber Mitt Applicator, and a Microfiber Bonnet Applicator. Whatever the condition of your floor may be, Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer is sure to give it a new look. Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer is so versatile; it can be applied on any floor texture - vinyl, hardwood, tile, formica, linoleum, and marble.

Polishing your floor need not be difficult or expensive. You do not even have to call professional cleaners to do the job. Just one application of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer with the accompanying cleaning tool can make any type of floor look as good as new. The Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer is a special formula of acrylic polymer which penetrates deep down into the floor, seals grout in and covers scratches and scrapes with a film which protects your floor and lasts for many months. No more worries about spilled milk or any sticky residue from any food or beverage. A sweep of Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer on the affected areas will quickly remove any stain with no effort at all. Seconds after the application, your floor will look almost like new.

Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer is eco-friendly because it is odorless and harmless to your health. It can be used on your wooden cabinets, furniture, and other home furnishings where stains, fingerprints, dust, and water have damaged their surfaces. Each time you use Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer, you bring out the life and shine of your floors and furniture. With just one application, you get fast and lasting results, with minimal effort and great savings too.

Before you go and try any other floor restorer, check out Rejuvenate Floor Restorer Renewer. It will be the only one you'll ever need for your floors.