Real-Palm-TreesWhen I first moved into my new home the yard had absolutely no shrubbery. It had no grass, bushes or trees at all. I have a gorgeous pool in the back yard, but it didn't look gorgeous without anything around it, it just looked plain and out of place. I looked around to find something to put in my backyard that would look good as well as set off the pool. I decided against bushes, they weren't tall enough and I figured that they would cause a lot of leaves to blow in the pool that I would have to clean out on a regular basis.

After I had been looking for something for my backyard for a while I found Real Palm Trees, I knew immediately that Palm Trees would make a great addition to my backyard. Plus, they wouldn't make a bad mess in my yard and in my swimming pool. When I went to Real Palm Trees, I was able to choose the perfect type and size of Palm Trees for my back yard,. They had an incredible amount of choices. They had many different types of Palm Trees, I didn't know that they came in so many styles and varieties. I ppicked out the best style for my yard that I really liked. I purchased enough to put around the border of the outer edge of my swimming pool in the distance. This really set off my swimming pool, as well as my entire yard.

Now when I go into my back yard I am happy with the way that it looks. It isn't just a plain and bare back yard with a swimming pool anymore. Now it is decorated and I really like the atmosphere a lot more now. When I have friends over that saw my yard before, they can't believe the difference that the Palm Trees made to my yard.

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