Changing the look of your furniture or home furnishings can be quite expensive and a big hassle for you. Good news! Ready Strip Kit can give your old furniture and home furnishings a new look and a longer life span. Ready Strip Kit is a paint and varnish remover which is environmentally safe to use because it is odorless, biodegradable, and nonflammable.

The Ready Strip Kit comes with a stainless steel scraper tool, a scrub pad, and one quart of Ready Strip solution. Its semi-paste texture is easy to apply on many surfaces like wood, fiberglass, formica, metal, brick, marble, and some plaster moldings. It can also be applied to walls and ceilings without the worry of spillage or dripping. When the stripper turns off-white, it signals that it is ready to be peeled off. It is so effective that it can strip off as many as 7 layers of paint in one application without damaging your furniture and home furnishings.

Conservation of time and energy are important factors in everyone’s daily activity. With Ready Strip Kit, stripping old paint and varnish is no longer difficult. While waiting for the applied stripper to turn off-white, you can still do other household chores. Peeling off the affected areas is easy with the help of the scraper tool that comes with the kit. When you are done peeling off the old paint and varnish, the excess solution can be easily washed off with plain water. The Ready Strip Kit can save you a lot of time and money because it does the job quickly and effectively. It does not contain any harmful vapors or chemicals, so you can be sure that the Ready Strip Kit is environmentally safe and user-friendly.

Surprise your family and friends by transforming your old furnishings and furniture into brand new looking ones. Refurbishing the look of your furniture will never again be a dreadful task with the help of the Ready Strip Kit. In no time, your newly painted furniture set and home furnishings will transform your home and give it a new look.